Bold yet effortless.
The unexpected combinations capture an urban point of view.


Italian luxury.

Born in 2014 from the eclectic sensibilities of designer duo Andrea Curti and Marco Samorè, P448 draws inspiration from the culture of Italian streetwear.

In 2016, the duo become a tri as Jacopo Barbieri joined the team further advance the mood vintage-urban.

In 2017 an international growth plan was begun, including cities such as


Milan / Paris
Amsterdam /
London / New York


Luxury street style.

Meticulous detailing and Made-in-Marche craftsmanship underscore the sense of luxury at the heart of each collection. Technical innovation and stylistic research, the perfect synthesis of vintage and modern.

Contemporary lifestyle.

Shape, function, and materials are interpreted with Italian flair. Each design is a skillful blend of contemporary lifestyles, street trends, and original ideas. Colors and patterns are the language of P448’s carefree, expressive soul.

Go-anywhere vibes.

Sneakers that celebrate self-expression.


Embrace boldness.

Unique stylistic details and rich materials enhance the interplay of styles past and present.
From the cutting of the leather to manual stiching of the sole, every step in the production process is undertaken with expert care. P448’s team of master craftsmen is devoted to preserving and promoting the Italian way - a guarantee of excellence.
The components used mix perfectly in ready-to-wear, to foster a supreme balance of comfort, the hallmark of the contemporary being.


Each pair of sneakers is designed for supreme comfort, the hallmark of the contemporary being.


Authentic Style.

The inspiration comes from clothing ideas coming from various subcultures, such as hip-hop, and its subsequent urban-style changes with old-fashioned touches, which transform creations into something new, pointing towards the future.
The identity and connections to the surfing and skate world are reflected in “You Can Surf Later”, the phrase which has been associated with the brand since its birth and that captures its philosophy. The reference is to a recognised style tribe, who experiment with what is beyond the boundary between sportwear and fashion, through careful observation and a detailed reimagining of cult detailing.
The unexpected combinations capture an urban point of view.
Sporty and catchy, P448 has been able to find a space in the world of luxury streetwear.
Thanks to its versatility but above all to the fusion of values such as precision, quality and craftsmanship.
Meet the unforgettable aesthetic that travels on a surfboard and rides the wave.
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